The world is changed:
I feel it in the Sandbox,
I feel it in the entitlements,
I smell it in the kernel...

Much that once was is lost,
only a few live now who remember it.

Lord of the Rules

It began with the forging of the
Great Privacy Rules.
Three were given to the root user,
immortal, wisest...fairest of all beings.

Seven to the users, great people
and clients of the Apple spaceship.

And Nine...nine rules were gifted
to Apple processes which,
above all else, desire power.

For within these rules was bound
the strength and will to govern

But they were all of them deceived.

...for another rule was made.

In the land of Cupertino, in the fires of
Intel CPUs, the Dark Lord Privacy forged
in secret a Master Rule to control all

...and into this Rule he poured his
will to dominate all processes.

One Rule to rule them all...

One by one the Free lands of macOS
fell to the power of the rule.

But there were some...who resisted.

A last alliance of
legacy software,
disabled library validation
and bounty hunters
marched against the armies of TCC.

On the slopes of El Capitan they fought
for the freedom of macOS.